The main focus of CASPr’s work is to counter educational disadvantage in order to support children to remain in school, and adults to enter or re-enter training and employment.

After Schools projects

We run two after schools projects, one in Sean McDermott St and the other at Mount Joy Square.

These projects work with children aged 5-12 years. It’s a place where children have choice, and their voice is heard and respected. Our children’s programmes are designed to support children holistically. We aim to develop their literacy skills, life skills and over all well-being.

Our programmes also focus on sport and physical activity which contributes to the health and well-being of children. Daily activities include; arts and crafts, drama, day trips, board games, IT, swimming, cooking and much more

We also liaise with Home School Liaisons from designated schools so that every child’s needs are met.

Well Being Programme

Capacitar for children is a programme in Multi-cultural Wellness Education which benefits children of all age groups and their families. The programme is based on the work of Capacitar International whose vision is “healing ourselves and healing our world”.

This well-being programme gives children simple physical and mindful exercises i.e. tai chi movements and breathwork in order to give them a tool kit to move beyond stress and trauma.

Doodle Den Programme

Doodle Den is an evidence-based programme which promotes literacy development. Doodle den is an after-school programme which promotes literacy development of children in senior infants class.

Residential Trips

Each summer we host a two-day residential trip to the Cavan Centre in Ballyjamesduff. During these two days the children take part in structured programmes of activities with an emphasis on fun and physical activity.

Creche – Sean McDermott St.

We also operate a Creche for 15 pre-school children.

Our crèche opened in 1998 in response to a need for those who were training as childcare workers in CASPr to have their own children minded while they studied. Such an important provision removed the “barrier to train”, and later the impediment to work.

This allowed for many parents over the intervening 20 years to study, qualify and work with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their children were looked after professionally. We are committed to our model of community crèche provision that supports parents who commit themselves to learning and being a positive example to the children they look after.

We serve a local community and the much sought-after crèche places are always at a premium.

Our commitment to our community is backed up with the sincere support of the Local Drugs Task Force and the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in whose building we have our crèche. 

CASPr’s Crèche continues to be at the heart of our community on Sean McDermott Street.

Currently there are 15 children (max) attending our Crèche daily from 9.30am – 1.30pm where their educational and developmental are catered for by a qualified of staff of seven, many of whom have proudly studied and earned their qualifications in CASPr.

Some of our activities include; Numeracy, Learning Songs, Arts and Crafts, Playdough Activities, Outdoor Activities

Outreach Support Service

In addition, we provide an Outreach Support Service to staff and parents and we provide these programmes through a variety of funding mechanisms. One of the roles of CASPr’s Outreach worker/Community Liaison is to support families of children that are in a particular difficulty. She achieves this support by building strong relationships with TUSLA, social workers, local employment services etc. and being able to make appropriate referrals. She is also the DLP (designated liaison person).

Adult Education Service

The aim of the Community After Schools Project with regard to training and education is to support children and adults in their development, training and education in order for them to fully participate in their own community and society. To that end we commit to establish and organise community-based training and development courses with the appropriate supports required.

Community After Schools Project is a Community Outreach centre operating in partnership with our local CDETB, offering CDETB’s QQI validated certified programmes, alongside uncertified programmes.

We offer the following QQI accredited programmes

Early Childhood Care and Education 5M009

This course is free under the Back to Education Initiative (BTEI)

The participants eligible for free tuition under BTEI are people who (or their dependants):

  • Have less than upper-second level education
  • Are getting a jobseeker’s payment or means-tested social welfare payment
  • Are getting Working Family Payment (formerly known as Family Income Supplement
  • Have a medical card
  • Are eligible to participate on VTOS or Youthreach.

The following training is arranged for CASPr staff with the appropriate training agencies

  • Occupational First Aid 5N1207
  • Certified Manual Handling
  • Capacitar Wellness Programme and Restorative Practice