Community After Schools Project Childcare Policies


The Community After Schools Project have put in place policies and procedures, in key areas such as Child Protection, Child Development, Health & Safety and Bullying

 in order to promote best practice.


Some other important Policies include:


Registration Policy


Each child participating in the Community After Schools service will have to register in order to maintain records.


  • Child`s Name / Date of Birth / Address
  • Parent’s Name / Address and contact details
  • Childs family Doctor details and immunisation details
  • Details of any special requirements
  • Date placement commenced / ceased


Collection Authorisation


Children will be collected from their designated school by CASPr staff.

It is the policy of CASPr to have a named person to collect children from the project.

Parents / Guardians may also nominate a person to contact in cases of an emergency to collect the child from the project.



Prevention of Communicable Infectious Diseases


In the interest of Health and Safety all illnesses which occur within CASPr projects are recorded and any action taken to control the spread is documented.


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